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NUDEcrylics Cover Powder Kit


Naturally shaded acrylic powder designed to match the undertones of the skin. Perfect for retouches or creating an overlay application on the entire nail to form a one color process for a natural polished look. Can be used for correcting uneven nail beds, nail beds that have been bitten, or fixing short, damaged nails. Includes: NUDEcrylics Colour Powders (1.6 oz) in Doll Tan (for cool tones), Sunkissed (for neutral tones), Cooper Tan (for warm tones), Ultra Clear Monomer (2 oz.), X-Strength Primer Pen, Nail Glue (2 g.), Assorted Nail Tips (20 ct. High "C"Curve & 20 ct. Ultra Wear), Nail Forms (20 pk).