Myolift™ MD Professional Microcurrent Device

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The Myolift™ MD is an FDA cleared and clinically proven device designed for licensed professionals that gives the power of True Microcurrent. Myolift™ MD is a medical-grade device for non-surgical, cosmetic treatment. Toning, lifting, acne treatment and alleviating hyper-pigmentation are all immediately attainable with this device. Uses intense levels of microcurrent technology (up to 800 micro amps) to effectively treat, strengthen, and repair different layers of the skin and underlying facial muscles for long lasting results. Features 8 different waveforms and 6 preset protocols to reduce inflammation, decrease wrinkles, firm skin, and increase skin’s natural ATP, collagen and elastin. Powerful treatment helps to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage and is the perfect anti-aging treatment for tired skin or problem areas. Intense treatments are ideal for facial contouring and repair in a professional spa or medical setting.


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