Metal Pik with Fist Handle - 6"

  • Length: 6''
  • Material: Metal
  • Description
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Say goodbye to painful pulling and snagging when you are working with thick or curly hair. Trendy, high-quality styling pik has thin, smooth metal teeth that are perfect for smoothing, detangling, and adding volume without snagging or pulling hair. Comfortable handle features a unique fist design and is easy to hold for maximum control when styling hair. A great tool for adding extra lift without adding frizz to fuller, thicker hair. 6"


  • 1 Comb
  • UPC: 087768026602


  • 6 Combs
  • UPC: 30087768026603


  • 144 Combs
  • UPC: 50087768026607


  • 10,800 Combs