8D Lashes - Style 950

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These fluffy, feathery, full lashes have 8 times the dimension and volume for a dramatic, evening look. It’s inspired by the Russian volume salon service, the latest trend in eyelash extensions, which uses a multi-layering technique with fine fibers to achieve maximum volume. 8D creates the same lash-multiplying effect with layers upon layers of soft, fine tapered fibers. Offers maximum dimension and volume and seamlessly blends fake lashes with natural lashes.

  • Maximum volume, long length
  • Rounded lash is elongated in the center and shorter at the corners to create an eye-opening effect
  • Multi-layers of soft, fine tapered fibers in varying lengths add feathery fullness
  • Invisiband® for a seamless look and comfortable wear
  • Black Synthetic Fibers


  • 1 Pair of Lashes in a Pack
  • UPC: 074764674371


  • 4 Packs
  • UPC: 70074764674370


  • 72 Packs
  • UPC: 10074764674378


  • 7,344 Packs