Affirm Sensitive Scalp Creme Relaxer

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Affirm Sensitive Scalp Relaxer’s revolutionary formula retains up to 76% of fiber elasticity while superbly relaxing the hair. Especially formulated for clients prone to scalp irritation or with dry hair and scalp.


  • 1 Box of 9 Relaxers
  • UPC: 796708190098


  • Not Applicable


  • 1 Box
  • UPC: 30796708190099


  • 240 Boxes
  • Liquid crystalline technology for superior straightening
  • Sensitive scalp formula for clients prone to scalp irritation, dry hair and scalp
  • Conditions simultaneously as it relaxes hair
  • Blend of exotic and cutting edge conditioning ingredients


  • Provides maximum scalp comfort while beautifully straightening hair
  • Hair looks healthy, shiny and radiant
  • Rinses out easily from hair without leaving an oily residue