Duck Bill Clips, Plastic & Metal - 4"

  • Length: 4''
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Great for securing sections of hair while you style, cut, or color, and for keeping foils or highlighting paper in place. Plastic and metal prongs tightly grip sections of hair for easy styling. Long, slim, duck bill clips are flexible yet durable and have a slight curve that contours to the shape of the head. Clips have a tight spring, open and close easily, and are a “must have” for any stylist’s tool kit. 4 black clips per bag. 4"


  • 1 Bag of 4 Clips
  • UPC: 087768220000


  • 48 Bags
  • UPC: 30087768220001


  • 144 Bags
  • UPC: 50087768220005


  • 9,360 Bags