Centrix® Roc-it Dog™ Duo Shears - Right Handed

  • Length: 5-3/4''
  • Product Type: Sets
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Using the mastered Centrix® honing techniques, the Roc-it Dog™ Shears have convex blades that are designed to provide smooth, effortless cutting.

The offset handle provides a relaxed "open hand" grip for low stress cutting and improved cutting speed.

The tension knob/tension screw is specifically designed to extend the life of the blade while being easily adjustable for each haircut.

  • Precision Cast Convex Blade
  • Low-Stress Offset Grip
  • Removable finger-rest
  • 5.75”: Custom Leaf-Spring Tension Modifier Knob
  • RT-30: Custom Adjustable Tension Screw - Removes 50% of bulk from hair
  • Customize each cut: tighter for fine hair OR looser for coarse hair


  • 1 Set of 2 Shears
  • UPC: 672501176586


  • Not Applicable


  • 24 Sets
  • UPC: 30672555176588


  • 2,880 Sets