Alison Manikin, Protein Fiber Hair

  • Material: Protein Fiber Hair
  • Product Type: Advanced-Long Hair Manikins
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Ideal for practicing cutting, styling, and braiding hair. Allison has extra-long, soft, protein fiber hair that is 26" - 28" in length and level 2, black in color. Long, straight hair is also great for practicing speciality updos, buns, and the latest styles. Cannot be used for chemical treatments or with high heat tools. Training mannequin fits comfortably on a tripod or can be secured to any surface with a holder.


  • 1 Manikin
  • UPC: 087768827025


  • Not Applicable


  • 20 Manikins
  • UPC: 50087768827020


  • 160 Manikins