Hands Free Hand Dispenser Intro Kit

  • Product Type: Perms
  • Description
  • Packaging Structure
  • Strap dispenser to the back of the wrist for easy access
  • Dispenser contains 900 sheets
  • The best end papers for permanent curls and body waves
  • Helps color processing and improves the outcomes for better grey coverage
  • Pre-folded sheets save time and money. As paper is pulled a new one pops up!
  • Fuji Papers have a strong grip and 4x the saturation of other end papers
  • No harmful chemicals used in manufacturing the paper
  • Refill with Fuji Perfect Paper
  • Made in Japan

The Fuji Hands-Free Hand Dispenser automatically comes with your first 900 sheets, and can be strapped to the back of your wrist for easy access. You’ll love pulling your end papers from the dispenser only to watch a new one instantly ‘pop up’ — ready to be pulled. Practical, economical and perfect for any perm artist.


  • 1 Dispenser
  • UPC: 4562149590713


  • Not Applicable


  • 24 Dispensers
  • UPC: 4562149590355


  • 1,296 Dispensers