6" Excel Non-Slip Grip Cutting Thinning Shear Combo

  • Length: 6''
  • Product Type: Sets
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A great combo for cutting, thinning, and shaping hair. Non-slip, molded handles have finger-rests and adjustable screws to create a comfortable, customized cutting experience that offers maximum precision and control. Shears have sharp, stainless steel, micro-serrated blades have a satin finish and effortlessly cut and shape any type of hair. Cutting shear has one serrated blade. Includes 6-1/2" 28-Tooth Offset Thinning Shear and 6" Offset Cutting Shear


  • 1 Set of 2 Shears
  • UPC: 087768260075


  • 12 Sets
  • UPC: 30087768260076


  • 144 Sets
  • UPC: 50087768260070


  • 3,456 Sets