Ceramic Cushion Paddle Brush, 13 Row

  • Bristle Type: Nylon Bristles
  • Size: 13 Row
  • Description
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Great for brushing, styling, and detangling wet or dry hair, cushioned paddle is soft and gentle on your client’s scalp. Distinctive flat shaped paddle with a ceramic coating helps to eliminate static and is great for smoothing out frizz and flyaways. Soft, cushioned paddle is gentle on the scalp and nylon, ball tipped bristles gently glide through the hair to detangle and smooth for a shiny, silky finish. Brush has an attractive, rich-black finish and a rubberized, easy-grip handle for maximum comfort and control. 13 Row


  • 1 Brush
  • UPC: 087768024042


  • 12 Brushes
  • UPC: 30087768024043


  • 72 Brushes
  • UPC: 50087768024047


  • 1,800 Brushes