Pocket Scalp Brushes

  • Bristle Type: Plastic/Silicone Bristles
  • Product Type: Brushes
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Great for massaging and exfoliating the scalp while shampooing. Flexible brush is also ideal for brushing and detangling shorter hair or smoothing and grooming a beard. Multi-purpose, versatile tool can be used on wet or dry hair and on various hair types. Firm, flexible plastic bristles are unbreakable and easily detangle without damaging the hair. Flat, oval brush has a flexible hand strap and conveniently fits in the palm of your hand. 2 pack


  • 1 Bag of 2 Brushes
  • UPC: 087768024684


  • 12 Bags
  • UPC: 30087768024685


  • 144 Bags
  • UPC: 50087768024689


  • 4,320 Bags